Do not donate to me!

Some people ask me if they can donate for my software. My answer invariably is they can’t, because I don’t want money. Instead I would like them to make a small donation to a good cause!

Why? Well, I’m a very lucky guy, living in the richest region of one of the richest countries of the world and having a full-time job that allows me and my family to live a comfortable life. Software is “just a hobby” which I hope is a small contribution to make the web (and by extension the world) a slightly better place.

So given that context and given the fact that there are many ways in which the world could be made a better place, I would like to ask you to donate any amount of money you think my little projects are worth to a good cause. Just pick one, click and donate!

  • Donate via GiveDirectly which helps people living in extreme poverty by making unconditional cash transfers to them via mobile phone
  • Lend via Kiva, which allows people to lend money via the Internet to low-income / underserved entrepreneurs and students in 70 countries.
  • Support La Quadrature du Net, which is one of Europe’s leading organizations promoting net neutrality, a positive reform of copyright and the protection of privacy (these guys were instrumental in defeating ACTA).

And there are many, many more great causes both locally and internationally that can use our help!

26 thoughts on “Do not donate to me!

  1. Fausto

    That’s quite noble of you my friend.
    Been using your Autoptimize for a while and it’s been a breeze.

    I have to say that your hobby is producing some nice results and saving people a ton of time.

    Keep being awesome.

    Thank you!

  2. Steven

    I just downloaded your plugin, but what I like more is the person you are! I wish more people would think about life the way you do instead of focusing on greed!

    Thank You!

  3. Ben

    It’s people like you that give me faith in mankind. Your time and effort into this wonderful WordPress plugin is wonderful and so helpful to so many but to think of others that need help is so much greater.
    Thank you again and Happy New Year!

  4. Andreas

    Wow, you are a really really awesome person.

    I ran your Autoptimize plugin, it minified my home page, without breaking ANYTHING. Everything just works! It just works! Wow, no other plug-in has minified my blog without breaking it. I have tried like 50 different ones, nothing worked, except Autoptify.

    Then when I see a donation button X’d over, I’m like, wtf? Is he trolling me? Clever of him, saying I can’t pay… Well, I was wrong, you simply don’t want anything for it. I am forever in debt to you! You rock Frank!

    I’m going to do as you say and put my money into good use for some charity or something.

    Thank you!!

  5. Mike

    I just wanted to tell you that your plug in is a experience changing tool! Website is loaded much quicker with the help of your magic experience!

    Thanks a bunch mate! Keep up the good work! You made a difference in online word! Like Andreas said in the previous comment

    Frank You Rock!!

  6. Ankur Jain

    Thanks for this excellent plugin. It is working great with CSS, HTML minification.

    I came here looking for a paid support option and saw this post. Looks like, I will ask my technical query on your forum based support.

  7. Nidhal

    Realy Like your plugin man !! RESPECT !! With Autoptimise now i make few http request and my website advance from D to B ( YSLOW TEST ) .
    If you need me in Arabic Traduction i’m here :D

  8. Binh

    Hi Frank,

    I come from that “special” link (the red cycle)…

    It’s a surprise. I just want to say that you done more than a very good plugin. You got something that many people need to learn: the good will.

    Many thanks and I hope more people have same thinking as you are.


  9. Noam

    Firstly, love your TwentyTwelve speed optimised child theme.

    Was planing to give you a shout earlier and got busy but when I saw this page I had to say THANK YOU. Wish this world had more folk like yourself.

  10. Bunneah

    As a lifelong comunity servant and AmeriCorps alum; I can say this is one of the best things I’ ve seen on the interent in a logn time. Cheers for promoting community servanthood. The world needs more humble people like you. If you ever travel to the West Coast of the USA, pints on me. Although I’m not sure ho I’d impress someone from Belgium with beer : )

    O N E L ♥ V E
    B U N N E A H

  11. Rameez Soomro

    amazing bro keep it up, God sent some angels on earth in face of human to help and live for others, I will wrote these things when I will create plugins and resources.

  12. Ivan

    Wow – there’s a whole lot of plugins out there for minification, but this one is the first who does what it promises, gives no troubles, has a super simple interface, and ups my sites 10 levels in Pagepseed Insights.


  13. Ben

    I was kinda surprised to see that “don’t donate” button and after clicking on it i’m even more surprised. Glad to see a fellow citizen so generous.
    Thanks for your plugin by the way. It helps a lot!

  14. Ryko

    That’s very kind of you. I do really thank you for the plugin.
    After more than 2 years using autoptimize, I just found that “Do not donate to this plugin!” icon.
    Couldn’t thank you more.


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