Cross-platform cloud storage with Dropbox

When a good friend of mine bought a Sony Xperia X10 Mini Pro (that small dude does have a keyboard) and couldn’t find JungleDisk in the Android market, I went looking for alternatives (I had already looked into cloud-based storage/ backup back in 2007) and found Dropbox. Dropbox is an Amazon S3-based cloud-storage solution with […]

‘Cause I’m free, to do what I want, any old time

Freedom comes in many shapes and forms, but give me a computer which is not burdened by corporate software and enforced group policies and give me internet access that is not limited by proxies that prohibit you from using half of the web and I’m a happy little futtta. I cracked the proxy thingie problem […]

Firefox 3rc1 shines in Javascript benchmark

As the official release of Firefox 3 is getting closer, with Release Candidate 1 being available since May 17th, I decided to boldly go where codinghorror has gone before and do a quick-and-dirty Javascript-performance comparison of the different browsers I’ve got installed on my Dell Latitude D620 laptop, using Webkit’s Sunspider benchmark. Let’s start with […]

Blijf nu toch eens van mijn MBR!

Bij de herinstallatie van mijn “disktop” gisterenavond had ik terug identiek hetzelfde probleem. De icybox was weer sdb, ondanks het feit dat die nu wel op tijd aanstond. De Ubuntu installer overschreef opnieuw ongevraagd de mbr van sda ofte mijn interne bedrijfs-windows-schijf. Geen groot probleem, ik wist nu dat ms-sys alles kon oplossen. Maar de […]