vage foto, onverzorgd zegt mevrouw futtta, maar dat is niet erg, toch?

My name is Frank Goossens, also “known” as futtta. I’m currently employed by a large multinational IT services company working from Brussels. I have been professionally involved in that internet-thing for over 15 years now, directly or indirectly  working for a number of large Belgian companies (e.g. Spector, KBC, Telenet and Mobistar) on web-related projects in a somewhat technical role. You can find my LinkedIn profile here and my CV (in Dutch) here.

Some random webtech-related keywords I’m interested in (for work and/or play); usability, performance, security, javascript, php, browsers, web standards, html5, mobile webapps, accessibility, wordpress, linux, android

This blog is bi-lingual, with web-technology related posts mostly written in English and personal stuff (about politics, music, family, …) in Dutch. I don’t twaddle on Twitter (although I do have my placeholder-account there), but I do like the smell of my Facebook.

If you want to get in touch, there’s a contact-page for that.