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Music from Our Tube: LA Priest – Oino

Heard “Oino” yesterday very, very early in the morning (around 6h20, while making my lunch-sandwiches, actually) on Studio Brussel and immediately loved the clickety clackety percussion-driven weird funk-like feel to it;

LA Priest – Oino (Official Video)

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Did some web-digging and learned Samual Eastgate (aka Sam Dust), the guy behind LA Priest, was also in Late of the Pier, so guess I’ll have to go listen to them as well.

Music from Monsieur Garnier: Acid Mondays

I still have some old Gilles Petersons “WorldWide” and Laurent Garniers “It is what it is” shows on my computer and once in a while I still “discover” gems in them. Just now, while on the train, I was listening to “It is what it is” Saison Quatre, emmission 2 and heard “El Recorrido” from Acid Mondays. The tracks starts out with just a (very) fat groove, but gets really interesting as from 2:37.

Acid Mondays – El Recorrido

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Ain’t it funky now?

Music from Our Tube: Sylvan Esso does the hanky panky

The studio version of Sylvan Esso‘s “Coffee” had been in my YouTube favorites playlist for a couple of months already, but it’s the first song in this NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert and it’s just as great! Warning: slightly quirky dancing ahead. :-)

Sylvan Esso: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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Music from Our Tube; Bela Lugosi’s dead by lots of guys

Bela Lugosi’s Dead is one of the most famous Bauhaus-tracks and is (according to Wikipedia) often considered as the first gothic rock record to have been released. But here you can see and hear a live version by TV on the Radio, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) and Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy himself. Great stuff!

bela lugosi's dead – trent reznor. peter murphy. tv on the radio

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