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Music from Our Tube; Fela Kuti live in Germany

I Guess I first heard Fela Kuti a couple of years ago on a Gilles Peterson show. Just now KCRW played My Morning Jacket’s version of “Trouble Sleep”, there’s also a nice version by Taj Mahal & Baaba Maal and the original version is here. But eventually I stumbled on this video of a Fela concert in Germany from 1978, which I think you should really see and hear;

Fela Kuti Live in Berlin – Berliner Jazztage 1978

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Uploaded to Our Tube; IDRchitecture remixed by Nathan Fake

I love to listen to DJ-sets which are made for the radio (or the web) instead of the dancefloor. The music tends to be a lot more diverse if the DJ isn’t focused on keeping the crowd in the groove. Soundcloud is a treasure trove for such DJ sets and a couple of months ago I bookmarked Nathan Fake’s 6 mix as aired on BBC Radio 6 in December 2012.

Great stuff, but there was one track that I specifically enjoyed listening to; an unreleased remix of (Sign of the Fish) by IDRchitecture. I didn’t know the band, didn’t know the song -which reminds me of The Chills, somehow-, but the clicks and ticks in this remix are just mesmerizing.

So now it is on YouTube as well;

idrchitecture – (sign of the fish) – nathan fake remix

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Music from Our Tube; Fatima’s “Do Better”

Fatima is a renowned female vocalist who has been working with Floating Points’ Sam Shepherd for a couple of years already. “Do Better” is a Shepherd-produced track off of “Yellow Memories”, her new album which is out on Eglo Records:

Fatima – Do Better (prod. Floating Points)

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Music from Our Tube; FinleyKnight – Madhatter

I heard FinleyKnight (no space, apparently) a couple of times on KCRW, albeit not in this live version. Their “Madhatter” has a distinct Atoms for Peace (and Radiohead) feel to it, which might have something to do with the fact that the producer was Atoms for Peace’s Joey Waronker.

FinleyKnight | Madhatter | SchoolNight Hollywood

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