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Music from Our Tube; the Jadim De Castro groove

Junior Jack’s E-Samba is a nice dance-classic, but the groove, melody and lyrics were written a long time ago by Jadim De Castro as “Negra Sem Sandalia” and was featured in “Orfeu Negro“, a re-interpretation of the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice by Marcel Camus, set in the context of Brazil carnival.

J. Castro – Negra Sem Sandalia – 1967

Watch this video on YouTube or on Easy Youtube.

Music from Bruxelles ma belle Tube: Casssandra

Now that I found Gilles Peterson’s WorldWide as a podcast on Radio Nova I’m once again enjoying the nuggets Gilles disperses to his worldwide audience. A couple of weeks ago he played “Sifflant Soufflant” by Casssandre (yes, 3 s’es, must be a Belgian thing), a Belgian jazz singer. While looking for that specific track on YouTube did not yield a result, I did find this live video which is part a series of performances recorded in beautiful places in Brussels;

Casssandre – Les GĂ©ants – Session Acoustique – "Bruxelles Ma Belle" – 1/1

Watch this video on YouTube or on Easy Youtube.

So there you have it; 2 nuggets in one go. Enjoy your weekend!