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Music from Our Tube, but not suited for my 9yo daughter

Don’t know where she got it from, but these last few weeks my daughter regularly chants “danger danger” to which I started replying “high voltage”.  We both laugh each time, fun times! But she’s only 9, so I decided not to show her Electric Six‘s song from which I got that reply on YouTube just yet.

You, on the other hand, are older and I hope you’re not that easily shocked (consider this a kind warning);

Electric Six – "Danger! High Voltage" (Hi Res)

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Music from Our Tube; Gregory Porter’s musical roots

If you like Gregory Porter (and everybody seems to do so, with that “Liquid Spirit”-remix that gets huge airplay on all radio-stations here in Belgium) , you’ll absolutely love this;

les mccann and eddie harris – compared to what

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Sixties socially engaged soul-jazz written by Gene McDaniels (do watch & listen him discuss the origins of the song) and performed by Les McCann & Eddie Harris at Jazz Montreux and released on the album “Swiss Movement“. And guess which album Gregory Porter would take with him on a desert island?

Music from Our Tube; Eska’s Shades of Blue

Lovely summery tune by a great singer (whom I mentioned here a couple of years ago already); Eska with Shades of Blue;

Eska – Shades Of Blue (Official Video)

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While perusing related video’s I came across this heart-warming quirky live in-the-barn version of “Gate Keeper” from back in 2012 and in that same barn Lianne La Havas covered Little Dragon’s ‘Twice’ accompanied by nothing but a truly superb bass. Who knew barns could be so cool? ;-)