As seen on TV; Treme

One of the best TV-series I saw the last couple of years is definitively Treme, set in New Orleans post-Katrina. Treme tells stories about people, inhumanity, dignity, resistance, death, individuality, fun, the Creole melting-pot and off course about jazz in almost all of its guises. And it has guest appearances by Elvis Costello, Dr. John, Allen Toussaint and many others.

You could watch below trailer, but you really should watch the entire series instead!

Treme Season 1 – Trailer .mp4

Watch this video on YouTube.

Music from Our Tube, but not suited for my 9yo daughter

Don’t know where she got it from, but these last few weeks my daughter regularly chants “danger danger” to which I started replying “high voltage”.  We both laugh each time, fun times! But she’s only 9, so I decided not to show her Electric Six‘s song from which I got that reply on YouTube just yet.

You, on the other hand, are older and I hope you’re not that easily shocked (consider this a kind warning);

Electric Six – "Danger! High Voltage" (Hi Res)

Watch this video on YouTube.

No Google fonts with NoScript

I’m not only into optimizing the speed of sites with for the benefit of their visitors, but also into speeding up all sites in my browser, to satisfy my own impatience. I already blocked Facebook, Twitter and Google+ widgets using NoScript’s ABE and now added this little snippet in ABE’s user ruleset to stop Google Fonts from being loaded;

# no google fonts

Result: less requests, less to download and faster rendering without that ugly FOUT. Because let’s face it, your fancy fonts slow down the web and they are of no interest to me.