Going Norway or the highway

So we went to Norway for our summer vacation this year. Beautiful country, lots of fjords and lots of waterfalls and lots of tunnels too (the longest one over 24km, the trip back over the mountains was all the more impressive).

Just one picture here (friends & family saw a lot more on FB), with me and my two lovely ladies at the Stegastein viewpoint:


Music from Our Tube; the Jadim De Castro groove

Junior Jack’s E-Samba is a nice dance-classic, but the groove, melody and lyrics were written a long time ago by Jadim De Castro as “Negra Sem Sandalia” and was featured in “Orfeu Negro“, a re-interpretation of the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice by Marcel Camus, set in the context of Brazil carnival.

J. Castro – Negra Sem Sandalia – 1967

Watch this video on YouTube or on Easy Youtube.

Mobile web vs. Native apps; Forrester’s take

So web is going away, being replaced by apps? Forrester researched and does not agree;

Based on this data and other findings in the new report, Forrester advises businesses to design their apps only for their best and most loyal or frequent customers – because those are the only one who will bother to download, configure and use the application regularly. For instance, most retailers say their mobile web sales outweigh their app sales, the report says. Meanwhile, outside of these larger players, many customers will use mobile websites instead of a business’ native app.

My biased interpretation; unless you think can compete with Facebook for mobile users’ attention, mobile apps should maybe not be your most important investment. Maybe PPK conceeded victory too soon after all?

Music from Bruxelles ma belle Tube: Casssandra

Now that I found Gilles Peterson’s WorldWide as a podcast on Radio Nova I’m once again enjoying the nuggets Gilles disperses to his worldwide audience. A couple of weeks ago he played “Sifflant Soufflant” by Casssandre (yes, 3 s’es, must be a Belgian thing), a Belgian jazz singer. While looking for that specific track on YouTube did not yield a result, I did find this live video which is part a series of performances recorded in beautiful places in Brussels;

Casssandre – Les Géants – Session Acoustique – "Bruxelles Ma Belle" – 1/1

Watch this video on YouTube or on Easy Youtube.

So there you have it; 2 nuggets in one go. Enjoy your weekend!