WordPress 2.6 svn-upgrade; ouch!

WordPress 2.6 has been pushed out the door at Automattic and it contains some exiting new goodies as usual. So I fired up my trusty upgrade script, but got an ugly php-error when accessing the database update-pages:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_SL in wp-includes/widgets.php on line 464

Turns out that the wp_widget_search-function in wp-includes/widgets.php included some remnants of an SVN-merge. Don’t know if it was a sync problem at my side or if the faulty code was on the SVN-server (it isn’t now), but I ended up copy/pasting the correct function from a fresh tar-ball I downloaded.

1 thought on “WordPress 2.6 svn-upgrade; ouch!”

  1. almost forgot; the search-widget in wp-includes/widgets.php from the tarball seems to have a label with css-class hidden

    but .hidden did not exist in my theme’s css. if you encounter this problem, just add
    .hidden {
    to your theme’s css-file and all should be well.


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