Hey Adobe; get your Flash together

Flash sucks! Really! It crashes my Firefox all too often (every few days, especially when behind our company proxy) and playing Flash movies consumes way too much CPU-power for my liking. Apparently Mozilla and Adobe are blaming each other with regard to some of these problems, but this really seems to be a Flash-issue;

Moreover, I found a great howto on “Bort’s w3bl0g” about how to wrap Flash inside NSPluginWrapper in (Ubuntu) Linux, isolating Firefox from Flash-crashes. I’ll try that over the weekend, but it sure looks great!
But anyway; Adobe, get your shit together!

5 thoughts on “Hey Adobe; get your Flash together”

  1. There are a number of Mozilla Firefox extensions which allow you to fetch the “flash video” so that it can be played in a real video player. I use dwhelper.
    I don’t understand why a browser should implement video-decoding. Next it’ll start playing music too.

  2. well, browsers decode images (gif/jpg/png) as well, so why stop there, esp. if it can boost the adoption of open source/ open standards-based codecs such as ogg vorbis and theora?


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