spring + groovy + grails = ?

Just read that Springsource (“Weapons for the War on Java Complexity”!), Rod Johnson’s company, has acquired g2one, the company behind Groovy and Grails. Looks like there’ll be 2 major Java development stacks; all things JSR/J2EE on one hand and Spring/Groovy/Grails on the other? What train should one hop onto, when having to choose a new web development framework?

4 thoughts on “spring + groovy + grails = ?”

  1. I mean, yeah, it’s yet another web framework for Java, but Apache Wicket is definitely worth checking out. They’re doing a lot of things right in my book. I’ve done web development with PHP, Struts, RoR, whatnot, and Wicket is the first one where I think to myself “wow, perfect” 😉
    Of course, it isn’t perfect, but the approach is very interesting. The component approach and component reuse promise actually really works. Depending on your background and preferences or the aspects of the projects you’d want to implement, other options might be more interesting (say, Grails or RoR for rapid development but ending up with a mess if the projects is long and/or complex — at least IMHO). But Wicket is definitely worth having a good look at.
    Anyhow, just my 2 eurocent 😉


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