New powerful iPhone with Flash preinstalled in q4?

So Adobe is working with Apple and “hope[s] to have Flash installed on over a million shipped devices by the end of the year“?
If you consider that:

  1. The (ARM11-based) CPU in the current iPhone is said to lack the raw power to run CPU-intensive applications like Flash
  2. Adobe has teamed up with ARM to optimize Flash on their processors and especially on the new ARM Cortex (which has been confirmed to be the CPU in the Palm Pré, which seems a great iPhone-competitor)
  3. “shipped devices” seems to imply that Flash would come pre-installed
  4. Apple sells more than 1 million devices each month (based on the past 2 quarters)

So we can expect a new ARM Cortex-based iPhone in time for the EOY holiday sales?

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  1. Update: the IPhone 3G S indeed is ARM Cortex-based (A8 actually) as is the Palm Pre (and they both have the same PowerVR SGX GPU as well), but there’s no Flash on either yet. Palm seems to imply to Flash for WebOS will be shipped in 2009, no news from Apple on the subject.


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