While waiting for the new Firefox beta

While we”re waiting for the new Firefox 3.1 beta (which will probably be released on march 12th, after which 3.1 will become  3.5), the Mozilla Labs guys announced a prototype “about:tab” plugin. It builds on the ideas they put forward on the labs-blog last august and follows in the footsteps of what Opera and more recently Google Chrome and Safari 4 are doing, taking it up a notch.
about:tab in firefox3.1b by aza raskinAfter installing the plugin, a new tab will show you:

  • the title and favicon of the most recently closed tab, allowing you to reopen it
  • a button containing the text in your copy/paste-buffer with contextual actions;
    • if URL: go to that site
    • if physical address: put it on a map
    • else: search for that text on google
    • more actions might be added and the system will be extensible, taking from Ubiquity
  • a list of six of your most visited sites, with thumbnail and title and with the most recent rss-items of that site

Although the developers claim that it’s “a rough-cut prototype” and that “the visual design isn’t right”, I already prefer this sober and functionally rich new-tab-behavior over the shiny “top sites” implementation in Apple’s Safari4. I sure hope this will slip into Firefox 3.5 in the next few months!