Firefox 3.5 and do Ogg/Theora

theora.orgGoogle might be pushing back support for HTML5’s <audio> and <video>-tags in Chrome, but these certainly are one of the nicer features the upcoming version of Firefox will bring us. Version 3.5 (RC1 will probably be released the beginning of July) will indeed natively support ogg/vorbis, wav and ogg/theora. And this is important why? Well, apart from the open source (Theora) vs proprietary (Adobe Flash with VP6-codec) argument, using video will allow us to get rid of the memory (and cpu) hog Flash can be (or at least to replace it by another cpu-hog 😉 ).
Now having Ogg/Theora built right into your favorite browser might be great, but you’d need a place where you can use that as well, no? Well, there’s no support for Ogg on YouTube yet, but that void can be filled by TinyVid, an “experimental Ogg video uploading and converting site”. Especially the converting-part is handy; just enter the URL of a YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion-video and TinyVid will download and convert it for you a few minutes later (depending on the length of the conversion queue).
So you’re having big fun, uploading, converting and watching, but wouldn’t you want to show off those great vids on your open source blog as well? Easy-peasy;
<video src='' controls='controls'></video>
And if you’re in a partcilurly good mood and you want friends that are not running an Ogg-enabled browser to be able to see some disco, you could even try this;
<video src="" controls="controls">
<applet code="com.fluendo.player.Cortado.class" archive="" width="640" height="368">
<param name="url" value=""></param>
<param name="BufferSize" value="4096"></param>
<param name="BufferHigh" value="25"></param>
<param name="BufferLow" value="5"></param>
<param name="duration" value="257.369"></param>

And that’ll result in Thom Yorke doing this disco-version of “Everything In Its Right Place” in Theora;