Webscene 2009 in 3 quotes and a coffee

webscene logoAs could be expected after having visited the event the past 2 years, I attended Webscene 2009 yesterday. I didn’t “liveblog”, as there really wasn’t enough “hard info” for my likings. Maybe Frederik Marain and Jo Caudron could have changed that perception, but I didn’t make it to their presentation (networking is a bitch).
Here’s the stuff I did write down, just some quotes really;

“[With Tridion] We’ve got a Rolls Royce, but when we need to cross the desert we prefer to use the SUV [which is Drupal]” (Bart Van Herreweghe about using Tridion for belgium.be and Drupal for smaller, web2.0-oriented fast-track sites)

“When you use Google Apps, which is “Platform As A Service”, you’re tied into their platform, you can’t just take your application and put it elsewhere.” (Terramark Terremark’s Kurt Glazemakers trying to position his “Infrastructure As A Service” virtualized hosting solution, forgetting Amazon or Akamai.)

“Web 2.0 was a bust, will web 3 succeed?” (the challenging title of Charles Chrouch’s presentation about the lack of financially sound business models in social media, he didn’t explain how Twitter could make money)

Not a lot more to mention, except maybe that the new Cultuurnet-database should become available (through an API I guess) for non-commercial use. Anyone want to write UiTmaps or UiT.mobi? And One Agency has its own mobile platform, GlowBox, which is Drupal with some custom-written plugins, integrated with Siruna.
While missing out on presentations, I met various people I know from past and present stages of my work-life (great to hear things are going well Tjorven, sorry to have mistaken Panoptic for Amplexor Igor) and that’s always nice. But I would especially like to thank Tom Remans. It’s always great to chat with Tom and -even more important- he provided me with real good coffee, which (for reasons I just don’t want to understand) was only available for exhibitors. Thanks mate, really!