QR code: this little piggy has been earmarked

no, not here, on the contact-page!It’s not new, it’s not hot, but nevertheless; a few days ago I saw a QR code on the open-future website which, upon scanning with my phone, turned out to contain all of Open-Future’s contact info.
My scanning-software (“barcode scanner“, a free download in the Android Market, there”s similar software for almost all mobile platforms) offered the possibility to call their phone-number, write them an mail, look up their address on Google Maps, visit their website and last but not least to store all that info in the address-book. Simple and efficient, what more could one wish for?
As creating QR codes can be done for free on a number of websites, I created my own contact QR code on the2dcode.com and added it to my blog’s contact-page. So there you have it, I have been earmarked, now off to the butchers!