going mobile with WPtouch goes mobileAfter reading how implemented not one but two mobile versions for all of their 4.5 million hosted blogs, I decided to install the same WPtouch-plugin on this very blog as well.
Installation and activation of a new plugin is very straightforward from within the wordpress admin-screens. In the case of WPtouch (and every other plugin that produces alternatives views of the same content on the same URL) however, there is a conflict with the WP super cache plugin which needs to be resolved by basically telling the cache-plugin to not handle request from browsers with “mobile” useragent-strings.
After that WP super cache config hack, your blog has a mobile section which you can tailor to your needs in the WPtouch config screen. These are some of the settings I changed:

  • removed categories and tags from the header (didn’t seem to work anyhow)
  • added most of my pages to the dropdown menu in the header
  • excluded my lifestream-digest posts from being displayed
  • removed author from and added excerpt to individual posts

If anyone visits this site with their mobile browser and stuff doesn’t work, your feedback is welcome!