How to crash Firefox with FoxyProxy

FoxyProxy LogoIn this brief HOWTO I will describe the procedure to crash Firefox using the great FoxyProxy add-on.

  1. Check if your employer mandates the use of a filtering proxy for web-access
  2. Find a way to circumvent that proxy, regaining full-internet access
  3. Breach corporate IT-guidelines by installing Firefox
  4. Install FoxyProxy, add both proxies and enable “AutoAdd” (make sure to ignore the vague warning about “significant delays” in page loading times) to automatically use the alternative proxy for forbidden pages
  5. Open a new tab, go to and wait for Firefox to freeze completely (if your browser complains that some script is taking too long to finish, just click on “continue”)

(Disclaimer: I provide no guarantees that this will actually work, I never watch porn and I take no responsibility if your browser does (not) crash)