Cross-platform cloud storage with Dropbox

When a good friend of mine bought a Sony Xperia X10 Mini Pro (that small dude does have a keyboard) and couldn’t find JungleDisk in the Android market, I went looking for alternatives (I had already looked into cloud-based storage/ backup back in 2007) and found Dropbox.
Dropbox is an Amazon S3-based cloud-storage solution with client software for just about every system, Android included. Moreover it offers an API for platforms or applications that need Dropbox access as well. The basic account (with 2Gb storage) is free (sign up here and I’ll get some more free storage thank-you-very-much), so I installed it on the Windows laptop at work, on my Linux “disktop” and on my HTC Hero and (at first sight) all seems to work exactly as advertised (free, easy, cross-platform).
And now that I have external storage that allows sharing files with anonymous users, I could offload some files from my own server? But more importantly; I really should look into reworking that old backup shell-script again (I’ll have to get dropboxd up and running first though). Or maybe I’ll just install WP Time Machine to automatically back up just this blog to my Dropbox-account?