Why I dislike Facebook’s Like widgets

I like Facebook. I like sharing stuff there, I like liking friends’ activities and I like friends sharing and liking my links and posts. But I really, really don’t like Facebook’s Like buttons and similar boxes! Because I see some serious problems with the like button;

  1. The page containing the “like”-widget loads and renders significantly slower (i.e. performance impact)
  2. Facebook can track me visiting this page, even if I don’t click on “Like” (i.e. privacy issue)
  3. When I do click “Like”, I have no way of checking what will be shown on Facebook. And indeed the buttons are already being used to spread spam, malware is expected to be next (i.e. security risk)
  4. “Liking” a page enters me into a relationship with the page owner, allowing them to “publish updates to the user [and] target ads to people who like [their] content” (i.e. 2nd privacy issue, severely aggravated by the security risk)

No, call me old-fashioned, but I’m much more at ease with the normal Facebook share-mechanism;

  • a simple link, so no performance impact
  • no contact with Facebook unless clicked on, so tracking of my surfing behavior is not possible
  • an intermediate screen shows what you’re about to share, meaning a much lower security risk
  • no forced relationship with the  page owner, i.e. “avert 2nd privacy-risk: CHECK”

But as I can’t force site-owners to remove the “Social Widgets”, I can only install something like No FB Tracking to disable the virus that is the Facebook Like-button. And whine about it on my blog, off course.

2 thoughts on “Why I dislike Facebook’s Like widgets

  1. Dries Bultynck

    Performance of the ‘like’ button is a disaster. It slowed down my site for almost over a second. Removing it will be the best option and stay put with the old ‘add to Facebook’ kinda button. Really like the AddThis feature, it’s one of the fastest around.

    Have you seen this cool plugin for disliking facebook stuff?
    Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/47023/

    and the ‘i don’t care’ plugin for Chrome

    Not sure if you see other peoples dislikes with this plugin. Haven’t come across someone in my friendlist who has the plugin. Have to check.

    1. frank Post author

      the need for a “dislike”-button on facebook is another discussion, but the “like”-widget slowing down your site with, that indeed is bad!


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