Monthly Archives: July 2010

Inventing Androids made easy

Google announced “App Inventor for Android“, a Java Web Start based IDE that allows everyone and your mother to create innovative Android-apps by simply dragging & dropping blocks around;

App Inventor in Action
Watch this video on YouTube.

Granted, this isn’t the web-tech approach I was hoping for (just frigging copy/paste Palm HP’s WebOS’s MOJO, will you Google?), but this sure seems like a great leap forward! Now let’s hope people will do more then let their cat purr on our phones.

If you want to play around with App Inventor, you’ll have to apply for access first. While eagerly awaiting an answer from Google, you can already take some pictures of you cat or you could browse the documentation and the tutorials.

March of the Androids

Lots of exiting things happening in Android and HTC Hero-land these last few weeks:

  • June 22nd: I flash my HTC Hero with VillainRom 10.3 (i.e. Android 2.1 aka Eclair + HTC Sense)
  • June 23th: Google releases the source code for the blazingly fast Android 2.2 (aka Froyo)
  • June 23th: CyanogenMod announces that he and his team will create CM6 based on these sources for a great number of HTC devices, including the Hero CDMA (the US model for Sprint)
  • June 29th: HTC finally pushes out Android 2.1 for Hero in Europe
  • July 1th: The VillainRom-guys announce VillainRom 12 based on that new ROM
  • July 3th: Lox, one of the CyanogenMod developers, announces the first Hero (GSM) Froyo-build
  • July 5th: HTC released the kernel sources (based on 2.6.29) they used for Hero
  • July 5th: Lox & co are working on a merged HTC Hero GSM and CDMA build based on the official kernel sources

So I flashed my Hero again, with VillainRom 12 (clearly more responsive then 10.3, a few bugs are solved as well) and I’m looking forward to flashing CyanogenMod 6 once that’s stabilized. Because, after all, Hero’s like their Androids fresh, don’t they?