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A couple of months ago I removed Google Analytics from this wee little blog, but I still use the less sophisticated WordPress.com stats plugin to follow up on what is being read around here. Loading the stats-page in my Android-browser is far from optimal (it uses Flash to draw the charts and it is a pretty big page), so I was pleased to read that version 1.3 of WordPress for Android features a stats-section. But the reports don’t work, I just get “No stats data found, please try again later”.
Now while playing around with the stats API over the weekend, I noticed some unusual things:

  • “blog_uri=futtta.wordpress.com” works
  • “blog_uri=blog.futtta.be” results in “Error: zero rows returned.”

The API also supports blog_id instead of blog_uri and after some digging for blog_id’s I found that they are listed in (the html source of) the blog dropdown-list on your wordpress.com-dashboard stats page. And there the problem became clear: I had two blog_id ‘s for the same blog_uri (blog.futtta.be) and the first one was defunct:

  • “blog_id=2184847” results in “Error: zero rows returned.”
  • “blog_id=2185033” works just fine

As I can’t remove the entry with the faulty blog_id from the Stats DB and as I can’t change the Android WordPress app to use one of multiple blog_id’s instead of the blog_uri, I can’t fix this little bugger myself, so I contacted WordPress Support. But how did I end up with 2 blog_id’s in the database?

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