The state of WP YouTube Lyte (now with fresh Pomplamoose)

Although it has been a few months since I last wrote about my baby WordPress plugin, time did not stand still between version 0.3.0 and 0.5.2; the player size can now be changed in the options-screen, I’ve replaced my newTube html5-hack with Google’s official (yet experimental) new html5-compatible embed code and I started migrating the CSS from the mess that had become the JavaScript-file. And I almost forgot what may be the most important change; I started searching for blogs that use WP-YouTube-Lyte to see how it behaves in the wild. Some of the bugs I discovered that way;

But with all those changes you might start to wonder if WP-YouTube-Lyte still reduces download size & rendering time substantially, no? So I ran a couple of new tests for this page on my blog (it has 3 embedded YouTube’s) on (settings: 5 runs on IE7 via Amsterdam, excluding requests to The difference is … well, judge for yourself (or see below the tables for the summary)
With normal Flash-based embeds (full results here):

Document CompleteFully Loaded
Load TimeFirst ByteStart RenderTimeRequestsBytes InTimeRequestsBytes In
First View1.850s0.634s1.330s1.850s15343 KB5.350s22524 KB
Repeat View1.142s0.346s0.497s1.142s517 KB2.455s517 KB

And with WP YouTube Lyte (full results here):

Document CompleteFully Loaded
Load TimeFirst ByteStart RenderTimeRequestsBytes InTimeRequestsBytes In
First View1.201s0.355s0.974s1.201s1055 KB2.065s20103 KB
Repeat View0.605s0.352s0.473s0.605s212 KB1.447s514 KB

Did you see that? Less requests, less data and faster rendering for first and repeat views. Hurray for WP-YouTube-Lyte! But enough with that ego-tripping already, I’ve got an Opera-bug to look into! Or wait, I’ll watch this great new Pomplamoose+Ben Folds+Nick Hornby  videosong first:

Ben Folds, Nick Hornby, & Pomplamoose VideoSong!!!!

21 thoughts on “The state of WP YouTube Lyte (now with fresh Pomplamoose)”

  1. I continue to love this plugin (one of my top 10 useful plugins faves). Wondering why it’s not used by more bloggers (using WordPress)… because it really works unbelievably swell. Thank you for continuing to share/update it.
    Anyway, just curious… Any plans on providing widget support soon? I really, really, really want to use it on my sidebar (instead of posts/pages) to show my latest YouTube videos.

  2. Odd error with version 0.6.0 (widget enabled version). Testing it now… with WordPress 3.0.1
    If a YouTube video in the sidebar widget is the SAME YouTube video in a post/page, 2 things occur when the page fully loads:
    1. First, no video appears in the widget at all. Blank space (approx. 150px in height)
    2. Next, the video in the post/page appears TWICE (both same width & height)
    Otherwise, as long at the YouTube video in the widget does not match any video on the same post/page, the widget works fine.
    Functionality request:
    Able to specify height and dimension of YouTube video (although, I do realize I can
    hardcode values in widget.php).
    Anyway, thanks in advance for any reply. 🙂 Good plugin.

    • ow, the same youtube-id, that’s going to be almost impossible to solve as the id is used as id to uniquely identify the div (placeholder) in which the video is to be shown. having the same video on a post/page would have given weird results as well, even in versions prior ot 0.6.0. i’ll think some more, but don’t hold your breath …
      as for the feature request; shouldn’t be too complicated, i’ll see if I can add that to the following release.

    • that would depend largerly on the dailymotion API, but given some code-juggling it should be possible yes. not sure it’s on the roadmap for the forseeable future though …

  3. Ok, tell me if you plan to do it. Is it normal that WP YouTube Lyte block iPad and iPhone to watch YouTube vidéos ? (i dont use HTML5 system but embed one).
    Tanks in advance.

    • what i mean; in order to see the html5-version of youtube (which is used by wp-youtube-lyte html5), you have to enroll in the yourube html5 beta, which you can do on
      if you use wp-youtube-lyte with html5, but have not enrolled in the beta, youtube will show the flash-version which ipad/iphone can’t.

    • update: I tested on an iPad today at work, the normal version indeed does not, work, but html5 did even without explicitly enrolling in youtube’s html5 beta. on which device (and which iOS version) and on which site did you test?

  4. Lots of respect for you creating this plugin. I just tried it and I’m a fan already. Keep up the good work.
    I think your plugin could earn the attention it needs with more languages support, no? If you need any help, contact me. I translate quite often plugins.

  5. update: 0.7.1 comes with Dutch & French language-files (for the strings that are visible by the blog visitors, that is). additional translations are welcome.


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