Audio-only YouTube embedding with WP YouTube Lyte 0.7

Last night I finished version 0.7.0 of WP YouTube Lyte. The bump in version number (0.6.5 to 0.7.0) is because of a new feature: the ability to embed YouTube as audio-only player, as seen on Pitchfork. Because after all, as great a source for music discovery as YouTube can be, you really don’t want to force your visitors to watch yet another clumsy fan-made slideshow while they’re listening to your latest musical crush, do you?
Embedding YouTube as an audio-only player is dead-simple; add an ‘a’ instead of a ‘v’ to the YouTube link and you’re good to go!
becomes this audio-only embedded YouTube with Dorian Concept’s “Her Tears Taste Like Pears”;

Dorian Concept - Her Tears Taste Like Pears

26 thoughts on “Audio-only YouTube embedding with WP YouTube Lyte 0.7”

  1. Thanks for fixing the Feedburner issue (RE: thumbnail image in noscript-tags now inherit size of div). That’s been bugging me for a while, except I got too lazy to report the issue.
    Anyway, RE: audio player (minus video area). So cool. Thanks! Actually, I use the widget functionality just for the purpose of putting music on my sidebar. However, “httpa” doesn’t work in sidebar. Results in blank video. Will you be supporting “audio player in sidebar” anytime soon?
    Also, on a differnt note, I left a recommendation comment on: Article: Plugin Review: YouTube Comparison (of YouTube WordPress plugins). Yours, I believe is THE BEST. 🙂

    • adding audio to widget is certainly doable and well within the scope of wp youtube lyte, I’ll probably add it for 0.7.2! and thanks for the recommendation!!!! 🙂

      • I just pushed 0.7.2. out to, kind of in a rush, as there was a stupid bug to solve. anyway, the audio widget is in there (although I didn’t test it as much as I would have liked to). hope you like it! 🙂

    • i’m afraid autostart renders wp-youtube-lyte useless: the assumption is a video is often not played. for those occurences (and until someone presses play) it makes sense to have the lyte “dummy” player. when a clip is autoplayed, there’s no sense in having a dummy player. loop and autoplay are available in “smart youtube“, which I’m happy to recommend as a (non-lyte) alternative!

    • to remove the tiltle, you’d have to change the javascript in wp-youtube-lyte/lyte/lyte.js, shouldn’t be that hard though. not sure I understand what that “shadowbox” is? 🙂

  2. thnx,
    one little problem.
    when I use httpa://… the small menu appears but when I click it. it opens the youtube page instead of playing audio only.

  3. Hii,
    I used the youtube button for only music on my bar as seen here-
    Initially there was only a play button, but now an entire bottom bar..
    what do i do to only show the play and pause button ??

  4. ooooops,
    i joined it in my bar, when there was only the play button, you changed it ??
    can i get that code if you have, where it used to show only the play button ??

  5. Hello,
    Thanks for your plugin,
    I use it with “audio only” option for youtube sources. It works very well on desktop browser, but on mobile devices such using IOS or android i see the complete video embeded and not the audio only buttons.
    Could you help me undestand ?
    Thank you vey much.
    Admin Pleroma

  6. Hi, this looks interesting.
    Can we change the color, i.e., to white for a pastel web site?
    Can we make each instance show a track title?
    Thanks in advance.

    • The color is part of the image-sprite WP YouTube Lyte uses, but you can change the image to fit your needs.
      For the audio-only the title by default is hidden, but it is present in the HTML, so using CSS and/or JS you could display that title the exact way you want.
      hope this helps,


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