WP YouTube Lyte; support for playlists (almost) included

Work on the next version of WP YouTube Lyte is almost finished. The main new features you can expect in version 0.8.0 are:

  • support for playlists
  • support for HD video (if size of the embedded player is big enough)
  • updated UI elements & player sizes to match new, dark YouTube player style
  • removed support for legacy YouTube embed code

Embedding a playlist will be as simple as adding


The result will look like this documentary about Arcade Fire (4 video’s in one playlist):

Playlist: arcade fire documentary
Watch this playlist on YouTube

Now off to testing this blogpost with an embedded playlist in all browsers I can get my hands on. Your feedback (off course) is always welcome as well! If all goes as planned I’ll push 0.8.0 to the wordpress svn later this week.

9 thoughts on “WP YouTube Lyte; support for playlists (almost) included

    1. frank Post author

      Has an old version of the Video data in cache, refreshed and the thumbnail now shows and it should do so automatically Matias :)


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