WP YouTube Lyte 0.8.0 released

Just a quick note confirming the release of WP YouTube Lyte 0.8.0. As previously described, the main new feature is support for embedding YouTube playlists in a high-performance and accessible kind of way that is typical of this plugin.
While testing the new feature on different platforms I noticed the playlist-player only comes in Flash, so it does not work on iPads or iPhones. Or “does not work on them yet”, as YouTube’s Jeff Posnick confirmed that support for HTML5 video in the embedded playlist player is on their todo-list.
The plugin is multi-lingual, with the following languages supported:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Slovenian
  • French (only the strings visible for visitors, not those in wp-admin)
  • Spanish (only those strings visible for visitors for now)

Corrections, extra translations, bug reports and feature requests are all welcome feedback, either in the comments here or via the contact page.
I hope you enjoy the new version!

15 thoughts on “WP YouTube Lyte 0.8.0 released”

  1. After updating the plugin and adding a new link via adding the “v” to the URL, the embed now only shows an image of the youtube video, but no longer loads the video upon clicking it…

  2. I’m having an issue after upgrading from 0.73 to 0.80 whereby only my first video appears, and it’s a static image, not-clickable.
    Further, I have 4 videos listed in a single post. The first video has the issue above, the remaining videos do not appear at all.
    I went back to 0.73. I can take screen shots of the issue though.
    Examples (these work fine right now though)

    • that’s weird …. if you can provide me with the page source and the php error log for what’s happening with 0.8.0 together with the screenshots, we should be able to find out what’s going wrong. you can mail me at futttta at gmail dot com.

  3. Hello, thanks for your cool work. I’m having problems with the last Youtube Lyte uptade and the last version of the Evolve theme, the plugin seems to break the theme layout, forcing the right collum to travel to the bottom of the page. Any ideas about this?. Thanks in advance for any help.

  4. Thank you Frank for your time and quick reply :P. It seems that the problem is a conflict with the last Wp-Socializer plugin, I’ve deactivated Wp-Socializer and everything looks good.


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