WP YouTube Lyte 0.9.0: size matters

I uploaded a new version of WP YouTube Lyte to the WordPress SVN repository earlier today. The markdown parser seems to be in a bad mood today and the changes in the readme.txt (the changelog, first and foremost) aren’t visible, so here’s what’s new in this release:

  • you can now change player size from the default one (as proposed by Edward Owen); httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SQkWbRublY#stepSize=-2 or httpv://youtu.be/_SQkWbRublY#stepSize=+1 will change player size to one of the other available sizes in your choosen format (4:3 or 16:9)
  • added a smaller 16:9 size and re-arranged player sizes on the options-screen
  • Bugfix: changed lyte-div ID to force it to be xhtml-compliant (ID’s can’t start with a digit, hat tip: Ruben of ytuquelees.net
  • Bugfix: added version in js-call to avoid caching issues (lyte-min.js?ver=0.8.1) as experienced by some users and reported by Ryan of givemeshred.com
  • Upgrade to the “bonus feature” to fix things (consider this beta though)
  • Languages: added Hebrew (by Sagive SEO) and Catalan (by Ruben of ytuquelees.net) translations and added completed Spanish version (thanks to Paulino Brener from Social Media Travelers)
  • tested succesfully on WordPress 3.3 (beta 2)

The (slightly smaller) lyte-embedded YouTube video to go with this release: “She wants” by Metronomy (very Japan-esque by the way):

Metronomy - She Wants (Official Video)

As always, your feedback is welcome in the comments or via the contact form!

14 thoughts on “WP YouTube Lyte 0.9.0: size matters”

    • you’ll have to edit your old articles i’m afraid, as “wordpress video plugin” is not youtube-specific and as wp youtube lyte only works with httpv and httpa-links.

  1. Frank,
    Firstly, let me say I LOVE this plug-in. I have the widget in the sidebar, and used the bookmarklet to install it in posts. How the heck do I resize this puppy? I am NOT code savvy, but follow directions well. Please list specifics, ie “add this code to your index.php, etc” and specify what I need to update and where (before or after certain tags, etc). The vids need to be about 450×265 to fit inside my content areas. I’d also like them centered.
    http://www.sisterchatter.com & http://www.sisterchatter.com/bamm

    • Sure;

      1. open wp-content/plugins/wp-youtube-lyte/player_sizes.inc.php
      2. under “$pDefault=2;” add this block:
        $pSize[9]['t']=__("especially for julu","wp-youtube-lyte");
      3. look for “$pSizeOrder[‘169’]=array(8,1,3,5,7);” and change it into $pSizeOrder[‘169’]=array(9,8,1,3,5,7);
      4. save and close player_sizes.inc.php
      5. open wp-content/plugins/wp-youtube-lyte/lyte/controls-480.png in your favorite image editor
      6. resize it to have 450 width (keeping the height identical) and save it as wp-content/plugins/wp-youtube-lyte/lyte/controls-450.png
      7. in you wordpress admin-section go to wp youtube lyte’s settings and choose your new size

      The downside: this’ll get lost when upgrading.
      The upside: the next version should ship with flexible size options (free to choose + responsive, to work better on mobile)
      Hope this helps!


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