Hey! Widgets! Leave our privacy alone!

After having NoScript disable the Facebook Like widget a couple of weeks ago, I felt really bad for Mark Zuckerberg who must have been feeling singled out by my actions. If only to make all widgets equal and as I don’t use them anyway, I’ve now told NoScript (only available in Firefox) to also block the Google+ and Twitter widgets with the following ABE User ruleset (under NoScript Advanced options):

# also stop google+ widget
Site plus.google.com
Accept from plus.google.com

# and twitter
Site platform.twitter.com
Accept from twitter.com

2 thoughts on “Hey! Widgets! Leave our privacy alone!

  1. Frederik

    Better use the Ghostery and/or Trackerblocker extension to block all those nasty trackers hidden everywhere.

    1. frank Post author

      Well, i really prefer noscript: it’s whitelist-based (as opposed to ghostery) so everything is blocked by default. I whitelisted facebook, google & twitter, as I want to be able to use those services and use ABE to disallow them on every site except their own.


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