Configure WP DoNotTrack to block what you want

I pushed out a major new version of WP DoNotTrack to the WordPress plugin repository and major in this case means:

  • you can now choose between a blacklist and whitelist-approach (previous version did blacklisting only)
  • define what exactly is in that black- or whitelist (previous version came with a hardcoded blacklist)
  • option to block javascript-initiated tracking code from being added for all your visitors, or just those that explicitly opted out of tracking in their browser (supported in MS IE9 and Firefox 9, not supported in Google Chrome)
  • and off course an option-page under wp-admin to change all these settings

Because of these new features (4 of them) and because I think the plugin is already at least 50% mature, I decided to bump the version from 0.1.0 to 0.5.0. Never been good at math anyway …
If you encounter any problems when installing or configuring this plugin, you might find valuable info in the FAQ. But here’s two tips anyway:

  1. In general caching and js-aggregating plugins can interfere, so you might want to disable those while working on your WP DoNotTrack configuration and re-enable (with cleared caches) once you’re satisfied with the result.
  2. If you’re running WP YouTube Lyte with the bonus “donottrack” feature activated, you’ll want to deactivate that before installing/ activating WP DoNotTrack. If you don’t do that, you’ll have to turn to the FAQ …

Don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment beneath this here little blogpost if you run into problems, if have a feature request or if you just want to chat a little. I just love receiving feedback!

10 thoughts on “Configure WP DoNotTrack to block what you want”

  1. Hi, I was searching for something to lazy load youtube embeds and found your plugin.
    Have installed it on my site and its made a big difference to speed, so thanks, really useful.
    It said in the plugin that you are open to feedback/comments?
    I have two things I would like to mention.
    1) When i activated the plugin and selected no links to display with the videos, the video overlapped the text so that it was covering the text of my article. But when you click to play the video, the video no longer covers the text.
    I managed to solve this by removing the text that the links normally contain and selecting to display links.
    2) Would be good if there was an option to center the videos, because at present they seemed to be aligned to the left and would look nicer if they could be centered.

    • thanks for the feedback josh, glad you like my little hack!
      concerning your remarks: the first one seems to be a bug, I’ll see if I can reproduce. Might be good to know what WordPress-theme you were using and what browser?
      Centering the player is pretty easy, actually; open up wp-content/plugins/wp-youtube-lyte/lyte/lyte.css and change
      .lP {background-color:#fff;}
      .lP {background-color:#fff;margin:0 auto;}
      and have a happy new year!

  2. The theme i am using is itheme by ndesign-studio, although i have modded it a bit so the default theme might not help you much?
    Thanks for the centering css, that worked a treat!
    Happy new year to you too!

    • Thanks for the compliment Benjamin! Working on WP YouTube Lyte now, but a new version of WP Donottrack, that will also filter nasty stuff out of the HTML, is “planned” for february/march. If you have feature requests; now it the time to tell me!

      • The theme I am working on has a rather small content area, round about 440px.
        If I want to have 2 videos side by side, I would like to configure a size about 210x130px, so my feature request is a field for custom width and height.
        I know that in this case (small videos), the title and play button have to be tiny. I tried to embed the YT-videos via iframe and it didn’t looked good. 😉
        Dunno if you see any needs for adding custom width and height. 🙂

        • you aren’t the first to ask for custom width and height no … this won’t make it into the next version (big problem is with the images used; there’s one image per size, if size can be custom, I can’t provide images for those). but it’s on my list of possible future enhancements 🙂


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