Fiesta: WP YouTube Lyte reaches 1.0.0

I just released the one dot ohhhh dot ohhhhhhhhhh version of WP YouTube Lyte!
From the changelog:

  • new: also works on (manual) excerpts; just add a httpv link to the “excerpt” field on the post/page admin (based on feedback from Ruben@tuttingegneri)
  • new: if youtube-url contains “start” or “showinfo” parameters, these are used when playing the actual video. This means that you can now jump to a specific time in the YouTube video or stop the title/ author from being displayed (based on feedback from a.o. Miguel and Josh D)
  • update: javascript now initiates either after full page load or after 1 second (whatever comes first), thus avoiding video not showing due to other requests taking too long
  • update: bonus feature stops tracking by addtoany (you’ll still want to hide the “earn pointz” tab though)
  • bugfix: prevent the playing video to be in front of e.g. a dropdown-menu or lightbox (thanks to Matt Whittingham)
  • bugfix: solve overlap between player and text when option was set not to show links (reported by Josh D)

And an appropriate vid to go with this new release: