While waiting for Firefox Mobile 11

I’m on the beta-release channel for both my desktop and mobile Firefox and my desktop has been running version 11 (with SPDY) for over a week now, but there hasn’t been an update for Firefox Mobile Beta in the Android Market yet. Apparently the Mozillians are working hard to finish the complete overhaul of the front-end, which integrates with Android UI (instead of using Mozilla’s own XUL) and services (synchronization in particular).

As I’m an impatient guy, I installed the Aurora version of Firefox Mobile, which is already at version 12 and that runs surprisingly well. Firefox Mobile already had the best HTML5-support and superior JavaScript-performance, but the new version (be it 11 or 12) adds a lower memory footprint and (much) faster start-up-time to that (and it has Flash, which I don’t care for really).

Mozilla is doing a great job in the mobile space, with the browser, but also with WebAPI and B2G. No, I don’t think I’ll switch to Chrome Mobile any time soon.

2 thoughts on “While waiting for Firefox Mobile 11

  1. Nicolas

    Thanks for the tip – checking Aurora now, looking good.
    Wasn’t too impressed by Chrome Beta so far (except for the cool ubiquitous Sync of course).
    To be honest, the stock browser on ICS runs sooo smoothly, I’m not sure I need another one.

    1. frank Post author

      Stock browser in ICS indeed isn’t too bad, but as far as e.g. HTML5-support is concerned is trails Chrome MObile beta (which indeed is slow and buggy in its current state) and Firefox Mobile.


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