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WP YouTube Lyte on Android: native or in-browser playback?

With the latest release of WP YouTube Lyte I fixed a problem where iOS users had to click twice to view a LYTE-embedded video; once to activate the iOS YouTube player and once to start the actual playing. On Android that problem does not exist, as LYTE embeds can be played inline in the browser.

Based on my own tests however, performance and quality aren’t always optimal when compared to the experience the native YouTube app provides. So now I’m wondering; wouldn’t it be better to not only detect iOS, but also Android and have both of them play in their respective a native players, even if on Android this isn’t an absolute requirement?


  1. better video playback performance/ quality
  2. somehow feels more professional (it’s the way the YouTube mobile site seems to work as well for example)


  1. you force visitors out of the context of your webpage
  2. a small percentage of Android visitors will get an ugly error message as they do not have a native YouTube player
  3. only works for single video’s, not for playlists (or at least so it seems) and the audio-only trick obviously won’t work either

What do you think? Speak now or be silent forever!

And let me throw in a vid (Spiritualized with “Hey Jane” live) just for the heck of it;

Spiritualized - Hey Jane (live @ Maida Vale for BBC 6 Music)
Watch this video on YouTube.

And if you’re on Android you can click here to trigger the YouTube app to see the exact same thing.

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Workaround for Mobile Safari quirk in WP YouTube Lyte

Yesterday I released WP YouTube Lyte 1.1.5, which amongst other things has a workaround for the bug that required 2 clicks to play an Lyte-embedded Youtube on an iOS-device. The reason for the bug: WP YouTube Lyte replaces the “lyte player” with an autoplaying YouTube embed upon the first click, but Mobile Safari does not allow any media to autoplay. 1.1.5 now checks for the useragent (yeah, I know) and immediately adds a normal YouTube embed instead of the Lyte one if that useragent contains the strings iPhone, iPad or iPod.

So there you have it, only one click to hear and see this great “Here we go Magic“-clip  on your iPad.

Here We Go Magic - "How Do I Know"
Watch this video on YouTube.

Neat huh? ;-)

De terugkeer van “Het Journaal”, nu op Android

Een snelle plug voor de actualiteitsfreaks; Johan Cloetens heeft een gratis app op de Google Play Store om “Het Journaal” op een Android smartphone te bekijken.  De terugkeer van het VRT nieuws voor mij, eigenlijk. Want het televisiejournaal op TV bekijken, dat komt er al lang niet meer van. Great stuff!

10 jaar getrouwd met de liefde van m’n leven!

Op 8 juni 2002 trouwde ik met m’n Veerleken. Die eerste 10 jaar zijn voorbij gevlogen, maar Your love gets sweeter Darling! Hier zijn m’n verzoekplaatjes voor onze dag:

Playlist: sanf mini-soundtrack
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(dat zijn achtereenvolgens Minnie Ripperton, Air, Finley Quaye en The Turtles)

En ik kijk uit naar onze volgende 10 jaar!