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Jetpack Notifications puts Quantcast tracking in your WordPress Admin

WP DoNotTrack user Marco Donati asked why the plugin did not stop Quantcast from being included in the WordPress admin pages. After some research (with the kind assistance of Marco), I discovered not one but two problems;

WP DoNotTrack relies on “output buffering” in WordPress to filter/ modify the HTML when in “Forced (default)” or “SuperClean” mode. Apparently WordPress does not use output buffering in the admin-pages, so WP DoNotTrack did not get triggered. My bad! I’ve updated the code to fallback to “Normal” mode when in admin and will push out a new version with this fix soon.

But then it got slightly ugly; even with this fix in place, the Quantcast-tracker kept on appearing! It was being called from within an iFrame, outside the reach of WP DoNotTrack. The culprit turned out to be the brand new “Jetpack Notifications” feature which -as most of Jetpack- is activated by default. As from Jetpack 1.9, you’ll see a small icon next to the greeting text on the right side of the admin-bar. When you click that icon a drop-down appears which contains the iFrame and the tracking code. To disable, in “Notifications” click on “Learn more” to reveal the “Disable”-button. Click that one and the icon, iFrame and tracker code are gone. Good riddance!

My advice to Jetpack users; explicitly disable any feature you do not use. Jetpack might offer some nice functionality, but of that is available in other plugins as well and being tied in that heavily into does come at a price. Moreover it seems there are some security concerns; as an user with author permissions I had access to the Jetpack overview page and I was able to activate the “Jetpack Comments” feature on Marco’s blog, but I couldn’t disable it. Call me a paranoid security-zealot, but non-administrator users should not really be able to do that, should they?

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Radiohead in het Sportpaleis: over oordopjes en oortjes

We waren er bij, vorige week donderdagavond in het Sportpaleis! Ik ben nochtans geen concertganger, maar ik wilde Radiohead toch één keer live gezien hebben en mijn super-Veerleken had alles perfect geregeld.

Hoe het was? Het was overdonderend. Het was te luid zonder en te dof mét oordopjes. De muziek-freak in mij luistert misschien liever naar één van de vele goeie live-opnames die op het internet te vinden zijn, maar het geluid van de bassen door het lijf was wel bijzonder intens. Het was strakker, juister dan wat ik op YouTube van hun optreden op Coachella gezien had (om van de try-out op Glastonburry nog maar te zwijgen). Wat een groep en wat een falsetto. Het was laat, we zijn na het immer sublieme Paranoïd Android moe maar verzadigd vertrokken om de drukte van de massale uittocht voor te zijn. Maar het was ook te kort; ze hebben zo veel goeie nummers niet gespeeld, “Jigsaw falling into Place” uit “In Rainbows”, “Little by Little” uit “Kings of Limbs” of nog recenter werk zoals “The Daily Mail“, “Staircase” of “Full Stop“. Maar wat ze wel speelden was dus wreed de moeite! Kijk en luister zelf maar:

Playlist: 20121018 - Radiohead @ Sportpaleis
Watch this playlist on YouTube

En zo zit ik 5 dagen na datum nog altijd met mijn hoofd in het Sportpaleis, met oortjes in plaats van oordopjes. Zo is de muziek-freak in mij ook content!

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WP YouTube Lyte: waiting for the big leap forwards

I’m releasing yet another small upgrade for WP YouTube Lyte to fix a small issue with the fullscreen-button and to allow you to have LYTE-videos without YouTube-cookies being set.

To embed “cookie law”-compliant LYTE-video’s, you have to add the “&showinfo=0” parameter to your httpv-url. This prevents the call to the Youtube API, which is used to fetch the title of the video and stops YouTube-cookies from being set when the LYTE-player is loaded. There are, however,  two limitations to take into account:

But this release is, I’m afraid, still not the one that incorporates responsive and custom player sizes. I know some of you are waiting for that big leap forwards and it will come in the next major version (1.2.0), but I currently don’t have the time to work on this. If you do have the time and the skills, feel free to provide me with patches and I will happily accept your contribution! Because as Billy Bragg sang;

You can be active with the activists
Or sleep in with the sleepers

Billy Bragg - Waiting For The Great Leap Forward.
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