WP YouTube Lyte: waiting for the big leap forwards

I’m releasing yet another small upgrade for WP YouTube Lyte to fix a small issue with the fullscreen-button and to allow you to have LYTE-videos without YouTube-cookies being set.
To embed “cookie law”-compliant LYTE-video’s, you have to add the “&showinfo=0” parameter to your httpv-url. This prevents the call to the Youtube API, which is used to fetch the title of the video and stops YouTube-cookies from being set when the LYTE-player is loaded. There are, however,  two limitations to take into account:

But this release is, I’m afraid, still not the one that incorporates responsive and custom player sizes. I know some of you are waiting for that big leap forwards and it will come in the next major version (1.2.0), but I currently don’t have the time to work on this. If you do have the time and the skills, feel free to provide me with patches and I will happily accept your contribution! Because as Billy Bragg sang;

You can be active with the activists
Or sleep in with the sleepers

Billy Bragg - Waiting For The Great Leap Forward.