And now you can even have my WordPress password!

Being slightly obsessed with security, I was delighted to discover that two factor-authentication (OTP) using Google Authenticator client is not restricted to Google applications, but is fully standardized and as such can be implemented without dependency on Google services on any system. There is code (off course varying in quality and scope) available for PHP, .NET, Java and Python (and I’m sure there are others).
As you might expect after reading the title, there is a great Google Authenticator WordPress plugin which I installed in 5 minutes time earlier today. For the Drupal-heads; Antwerp-based Attiks have a module that implements Google Authenticator OTP which looks worth checking out as well (and I’m interested in your experiences with it, actually).

2 thoughts on “And now you can even have my WordPress password!”

  1. Hi Frank,
    Thanks you for your post, Alright, so I want to build a site applying WordPress, so I went to, clicked “Obtain WordPress three.2.1”, renamed that a single file, and then I located out that I want a MySQL account. I went to and downloaded “MySQL Group Server 5.5.18.”
    And thats in which I am lost. I have no concept what my MySQL username or password is, what to do upcoming, or if I even did the correct thing. Any help would be appreciated.
    Keep up the good work


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