Samsung Galaxy SII now with over 50 hours of battery life

After updating my Samsung Galaxy SII to Jelly Bean a couple of weeks ago, Samsung pushed even newer firmware (I9100XWLSD) to my phone which is the best of all official Samsung ROM’s to date: with the update JuiceDefender was able to squeeze over 50 hours out of my Samsung Galaxy S II battery:

52 hours on one Samsung Galaxy SII battery

As Samsung also released Jelly Bean kernel sources, maybe the great Cyanogenmod-team can finally also push out a stable version of Cyanogenmod 10 for the SGSII?

4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy SII now with over 50 hours of battery life

  1. down hearted

    i hv S2 mobile but the bettery is too weak …..i charged full but it can not be keep bettery for one day ….

    1. frank Post author

      could be a problem with the battery, could be one or more apps draining your battery. did you try with juice defender?

      1. down hearted

        bettery is ok i don,t know the problem …..i think the charger s not original may be

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