5 thoughts on “Does Facebook want its chat back?

  1. Niobos

    Maybe it’s a Thunderbird issue? I’ve been using Facebook chat from Adium for a while now, and haven’t noticed anything strange (yet) (my last datapoint dates from yesterday).

    1. frank Post author

      Things just got a tad more bizarre; I again got logged & locked out, without any XMPP-client trying to connect.

      Just info; this is the procedure I have to go through;
      * try to log back in in the browser
      * it asks for the Code Generator OTP
      * open up Facebook Android App (FAA), where I very briefly see an OTP, before …
      * I’m being logged out in FAA
      * I’m being redirected to mobile browser to unlock account (new password)
      * I have to log back into FAA with new password
      * I get the OTP from FAA
      * I enter the OTP in browser (without having to enter new password!)

      So I’m not convinced this is related to Thunderbird/ Pidgin any more, to be honest. Those Facebook-guys still are wankers though … ;-)

  2. Usman Khurshid

    Definitely a Facebook problem as I’m also getting the same error message whenever I log into Facebook from another device (other than my work laptop).

  3. Phatman

    Facebook do not want you leaving Facebook they want to keep you so they can feed you with targeted adverts. Facebook are always changing their code to keep this so. But empires rise and they fall.


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