Android Chrome bug when styling unicode character?

symbols CSS weirdness in chrome for androidWhile experimenting with the use of Unicode characters in a small proof of concept, I stumbled upon what I think is a bug in Chrome for Android. Apparently character ☰, which renders as ☰ and which most people consider the “options”-icon, cannot be given a color in Chrome for Android whereas other Unicode characters can.

As you can see when visiting this test-page, the 3 symbols styled correctly (font color white) in most browsers (tested on IE8, FF on W7, Ubuntu and Android, Chrome on W7 and Ubuntu), but the options-symbol is not white on Chrome for Android (at least on my Samsung Galaxy S4).

So, does this qualify as a bug, or did I just mess up? Anyone happens to know a workaround?

8 thoughts on “Android Chrome bug when styling unicode character?

    1. frank Post author

      yeah, but the goal of the POC was not to download anything that isn’t absolutely needed. fontawesome is great, but it does require a download.

  1. Nathan

    That particular charachter doesn’t even display on my Nexus 5.

    Works good on desktop Linux / Chromium though…

    1. frank Post author

      Just updated Chrome on my SGS4 and the character now doesn’t display any more either. The stock browser (Samsung’s version of the Android browser) still does (the non-styled one).

  2. frank Post author

    As there seems to be no solution to style the unicode-character correctly and as it seems to not even exist in some cases, I’ll probably add at least this, but maybe also the 2 other symbols as base64’ed inline images or as inline svg (again, wanting to avoid any additional download).


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