Android Chrome bug when styling unicode character?

symbols CSS weirdness in chrome for androidWhile experimenting with the use of Unicode characters in a small proof of concept, I stumbled upon what I think is a bug in Chrome for Android. Apparently character ☰, which renders as ☰ and which most people consider the “options”-icon, cannot be given a color in Chrome for Android whereas other Unicode characters can.
As you can see when visiting this test-page, the 3 symbols styled correctly (font color white) in most browsers (tested on IE8, FF on W7, Ubuntu and Android, Chrome on W7 and Ubuntu), but the options-symbol is not white on Chrome for Android (at least on my Samsung Galaxy S4).
So, does this qualify as a bug, or did I just mess up? Anyone happens to know a workaround?

8 thoughts on “Android Chrome bug when styling unicode character?”

    • yeah, but the goal of the POC was not to download anything that isn’t absolutely needed. fontawesome is great, but it does require a download.

  1. That particular charachter doesn’t even display on my Nexus 5.
    Works good on desktop Linux / Chromium though…

  2. As there seems to be no solution to style the unicode-character correctly and as it seems to not even exist in some cases, I’ll probably add at least this, but maybe also the 2 other symbols as base64’ed inline images or as inline svg (again, wanting to avoid any additional download).


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