WP YouTube Lyte now parses normal YouTube links as well

I was just being a jealous guy, seeing how normal YouTube embeds (oEmbeds) got previewed nicely in WordPress 4.0 TinyMCE editor. This had been on my wishlist for a long time already and I looked into enabling that for httpv-links and lyte-shortcodes as well, but that turned out not to be that simple.

So I took the alternative approach, enabling WP YouTube Lyte to act on normal YouTube-links (a much requested feature anyhow) and thereby piggy-backing on the TinyMCE-improvement in 4.0. So there you have it; lyte video’s can be inserted using normal YouTube links and that will result in a (non-lyte) preview of the video in the visual editor content box.

1.5 as a number of other improvements and bugfixes, but you can read all about those in the changelog.

Have fun with this small Rick James like party-track to celebrate 1.5.0 (and my birthday, while we’re at it);

Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk (Official Video) ft. Bruno Mars
Watch this video on YouTube.

6 thoughts on “WP YouTube Lyte now parses normal YouTube links as well

  1. cartonic

    Hello. Your plugin is kinda awesome for what it does, I used it for a while on my wordpress site.

    Don’t know why I had this stupid ideea to switch from WordPress to Joomla( we have a joke over here: A man was complaining because it had a small house, 5 kids and the space wasn’t enough. Someone adviced him to to put the hens inside, the ducks, and the pig. When he was complaining that the space was even smaller and the animals were stinking like hell, got a second advice, to take them out. The house felt much bigger after :)) ) but I decided to save my WP site and do it. Unfortunatelly I can’t fiind something similar on Joomla and I guess you don’t have something like this in plan, to develop the plugin on a second platform too.

    Your plugin has a script only version too? To call it on my Joomla heder and append it to the article videos?

    Thank you :)

    1. frank Post author

      Afraid the JS-only version has kind of faded away, but there are some jQuery plugins that do something similar, maybe you should give those a try?



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