2 thoughts on “Video: how to install & use WP YouTube Lyte by Webucator”

  1. Hi Frank,
    I absolutely love your YouTube plugin. It is the best on WP, and is free… 🙂 Thanks for this great plugin.
    On my blog I use a page builder to create my posts and pages, hence I use widgets. The widgets are snippets of text and media. A paragraph is contained into a widget. This is why I found your widget exactly what I needed. The widget title, and the description are particularly of a great interest, as it’s easy to be grouped with the video.
    The only change that I would need is the width of the widget. At this moment, the maximum is 400/300 which is half of the posts width. This means people will have to click on either click on the full page display, or click on see it on YouTube. None of these are good for the stats, as I would like to keep the visitor on my page until the end of the article. Would it be possible to get some more display sizes on the widget?


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