Music from Our Tube, but not suited for my 9yo daughter

Don’t know where she got it from, but these last few weeks my daughter regularly chants “danger danger” to which I started replying “high voltage”.  We both laugh each time, fun times! But she’s only 9, so I decided not to show her Electric Six‘s song from which I got that reply on YouTube just yet.
You, on the other hand, are older and I hope you’re not that easily shocked (consider this a kind warning);

Electric Six - "Danger! High Voltage" (Hi Res)

No Google fonts with NoScript

I’m not only into optimizing the speed of sites with for the benefit of their visitors, but also into speeding up all sites in my browser, to satisfy my own impatience. I already blocked Facebook, Twitter and Google+ widgets using NoScript’s ABE and now added this little snippet in ABE’s user ruleset to stop Google Fonts from being loaded;
# no google fonts

Result: less requests, less to download and faster rendering without that ugly FOUT. Because let’s face it, your fancy fonts slow down the web and they are of no interest to me.

The broken smartphone sequel

It’s been a almost a year since I last listed all smartphones that passed through my clumsy hands, so surely I must have some items to add to that list, you might think? Indeed! So starting off where we ended last year;
  1. 2014: Google Galaxy Nexus; 2nd hand replacement (a steal for only €95) with Cyanogenmod 11. Missed 4G, but loved the phone really. It just died on me within a week.
  2. 2014: ZTE Vec Blade 4G: no 2nd hand, 4G and not ridiculously expensive was what I was aiming for, so I bought the ZTE for just €170 and it was a very decent handset really. I sent it in for repairs under warranty mid 2015 after the power-button broke.
  3. 2015: Samsung Galaxy Ace2: much like the Galaxy Gio I used before a useable but underpowered small smartphone with an aging 2.x Android. But once one is used to it, there’s not a lot one cannot do with it (I typically want Firefox Mobile, WordFeud and a music player).
  4. 2015: back to the ZTE which was repaired perfectly, until after approx. a month it fell out of my pocket onto the ground, shattering the glass. I tried finding a shop to replace the glass, but ZTE being not that common I didn’t find one. So …
  5. 2015: Samsung Galaxy Core Prime VE: So I wanted a not-too-expensive big-brand phone (i.e. LG, Sony, Samsung or HTC) to have a better chance of getting it repaired outside of warranty, with 4G and a very recent Android-version (i.e. Lollipop) and that’s what the Galaxy Core Prime is about. I added a 16Gb class 10 SD-card and I bought a flip wallet case. Just to be safe I’ll go and buy a screen protector as well, because I am, as this list proves, not only spoiled but also clumsy.

Music from Our Tube; Gregory Porter’s musical roots

If you like Gregory Porter (and everybody seems to do so, with that “Liquid Spirit”-remix that gets huge airplay on all radio-stations here in Belgium) , you’ll absolutely love this;

les mccann and eddie harris - compared to what

Sixties socially engaged soul-jazz written by Gene McDaniels (do watch & listen him discuss the origins of the song) and performed by Les McCann & Eddie Harris at Jazz Montreux and released on the album “Swiss Movement“. And guess which album Gregory Porter would take with him on a desert island?

Why Autoptimize doesn’t touch non-local CSS/JS

Earlier today I got this question on the support forum for Autoptimize;

Will there be Google fonts support in the future? I now include the google font’s like this:
wp_enqueue_style( 'google-fonts', '//,600italic,400,700,600|Varela+Round' );
Is it possible to add this css to the combined and minified by this plugin file?

The basic question if Autoptimize can aggregate external resources has been asked before and I felt it was time to dig in.
I did a little test, requesting the same Google Font CSS, changing browser user agents. For my good ole Firefox on Ubuntu Linux I got (snippet);

@font-face {
font-family: 'Open Sans';
font-style: normal;
font-weight: 400;
src: local('Open Sans'), local('OpenSans'), url( format('woff2'), url( format('woff');

Whereas the exact same request with an MSIE7 useragent gives (again, extract);

@font-face {
font-family: 'Open Sans';
font-style: normal;
font-weight: 400;
src: url(;

It’s not surprising Google has specific CSS based on browser useragent (probably browser-version), but this is a simple example of how dynamic remote CSS or JS can be (the scala of variables that could lead to 3rd parties serving up different CSS/JS is huge, really).
So although theoretically it would be possible to have AO cache remote JS/CSS (such as Google Font’s) and include it in the aggregated CSS- or JS-file (and that way removing render blocking resources), the problem is that AO will never be able to apply whatever logic the 3rd party applies when getting requests. Hence the design decision (made by the original developer, Turl, a long long time ago) not to aggregate & minify external resources. This is how it should be.

Music from Our Tube; Eska’s Shades of Blue

Lovely summery tune by a great singer (whom I mentioned here a couple of years ago already); Eska with Shades of Blue;

Eska - Shades Of Blue (Official Video)

While perusing related video’s I came across this heart-warming quirky live in-the-barn version of “Gate Keeper” from back in 2012 and in that same barn Lianne La Havas covered Little Dragon’s ‘Twice’ accompanied by nothing but a truly superb bass. Who knew barns could be so cool? 😉