3 interesting WordPress plugins

I came across some interesting WordPress plugins and thought I’d document these quickly;

  1. Warm Cache; have your site crawled based on your sitemap.xml to re-generate your cache (applicable to both your page cache and Autoptimize’s cache)
  2. Duplicator: export your entire WordPress installation to an archive and install elsewhere. Haven’t tried this yet, but might come in very handy at some point.
  3. Code Snippets: don’t burden your theme’s functions.php with your own code (risking losing the changes with a theme update), but use Code Snippets instead. Handy if you want to e.g. tell Autoptimize not to be active on specific pages or if you want WP YouTube Lyte to also act on youtube-links in text widgets for example.

7 thoughts on “3 interesting WordPress plugins”

  1. Really good set of plugins. Have you tried this plugin called ‘anti-spam’? Seems to be doing a wonderful job in blocking spam comments. At least I am finding its spam filtering mechanism to be far better than that of Akismet.

  2. IIRC Code Snippets stores it’s snippets in the database. That’s far slower than having those in an easily parsable file which is fast to load.
    A custom plugin with no admin functionality and just having the equivalent of the functions.php as the sole content is much easier. Then it will survive theme changes. And it also can be turned off easily.

    • A custom plugin with no admin functionality and just having the equivalent of the functions.php as the sole content is much easier.

      for me and you; sure. I do indeed have a misc_helper.php plugin that has my custom code.
      But I’ve had enough problems explaining Autoptimize-users how to do that, and since proposing code snippets instead, my life (or at least support) has become a tiny bit easier 🙂

  3. Hey Frank, awesome job on both Autoptimize & WP YouTube Lyte! Surprised I didn’t stumble across the YouTube plugin earlier, it’s almost exactly what I need… for the audio-only mode, any chance you know of a way to prevent the controls from hiding once playback starts? I’ve got a black background so it appears to vanish entirely.
    But I digress, the reason for my post was to mention that I used Code Snippets for a bit but ended switching to another similar plugin.. same simplicity but it provided a dead easy way for me to turn the snippet into a shortcode with parameters and had some onscreen clues which helped me to grasp the concepts more quickly when I barely knew what I was doing.. would recommend it to anyone looking for something along those lines. The screenshots can probably explain it better than I can though: https://wordpress.org/plugins/add-actions-and-filters/screenshots/
    Cheers, thanks again for the plugins and keep up the good work! 🙂


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