No emojis, we’re speed-freakish

A couple of releases ago WordPress core introduced emoji-support, which came as a block of inline CSS and a block of inline JS which loads an external JS-file. I am not interested in emojis and object to the extra file request (even if the JS-file is loaded late) so I just installed the Disable Emojis plugin. Maybe you should too?

3 thoughts on “No emojis, we’re speed-freakish”

  1. Hehehehe….!!!!! Good to see that I have a few friends in the wordpress arena who hate this emoji thing as much as I do…!!! 😉

  2. It’s not just emoji. WordPress added enhanced Unicode support to blogs and browsers, which might not been able to display these without this script. Especially two-byte languages benefit from this.
    Emoji is just a cute name for this feature, because it’s non-technical and most people like emoji. And they are part of enhanced Unicode support.

    • so if you don’t have any need for smilies or for 4-byte character support, then the JS (and CSS) loaded is pretty useless? esp. as the JS is only needed for fallback-purposes (in case the os and browser don’t support the 4-byte character support)? still dead weight to me 🙂


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