Heads up: Autoptimize minor release

Autoptimize 2.0 was a pretty successful release, if only because there were no major defects that forced me to quickly follow up with a bugfix release. That, off course, does not mean there were no issues at all or that no further improvements were possible. Hence Autoptimize 2.0.1 will be released within the next 2 weeks (or so), with the following changes:

  • Autoptimize now also tries to purge WP Engine cache when AO’s cache is cleared
  • Bail for AMP pages (which are pretty optimized anyway) to avoid issues with “inline & defer” and with AO adding attributes to link-tags that are not allowed in AMP HTML
  • Better support for renamed wp-content directories
  • Improvements to the page cache purging mechanism
  • Multiple fixes for late-injected CSS/ JS (changes in those files not being picked up, fonts or background images not beind CDN’ed, …)
  • Re-enable functionality to move non-aggregated JS  if “also aggregate inline JS” is active
  • Misc. other fixes & improvements, go read the commit-log on GitHub if you’re that curious

If you want to test this release out, you can download the beta from wordpress.org. Do ping me here if you think you’ve stumbled across a bug or simply to confirm all works just fine (esp. the WP Engine cache purge is a hard one to test for me, as I’m not hosted there)  :-)

3 thoughts on “Heads up: Autoptimize minor release

  1. Chris


    I downloaded the plugin and manually updated, but it’s still showing up as 2.0.0 in the plugins section of WordPress. Just confirming the link does indeed point to 2.0.1 and it’s just the description that’s broken?


    1. frank Post author

      Version-string indeed is still at 2.0.0 to ensure you’ll get the final 2.0.1 once that gets pushed out :)

      1. Chris

        I can confirm that many of our AMP validation errors no longer exist with the beta version of our plugin! (Notably the media=”all” tag in the optimized css). Thanks!

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