Music from Our Tube; James Bittersweet Lewis Trio

Just picked up on Worldwide FM; James Brandon Lewis Trio featuring Anthony Pirog and Nicholas Ryan Gant (aka @ghetto_falsetto). Kind of mellow-y, which I’m not always into, but duet of Lewis’ tenor-sax and the Gant’s falsetto scatting makes for a great mix, keeping the feeling fresh and real.

And if you want to something more in-your-face; have a go at “No Filter” by the same trio. Just tenor-sax, bass & drums, but you’ll be headbanging as if you were on the front-row of a metal-festival.

1 thought on “Music from Our Tube; James Bittersweet Lewis Trio”

  1. Ahhhh Worldwide FM. So much good music I cant keep up with it. I used to share my music findings on a blog but it got to the point where I just needed to share a link to the worldwide FM site and let people do their own discovering.
    Reaching out to say thanks for the Autoptimize plugin. Came recommended by the guy that created the Total theme. Good to see a plugin with active updates. Improves the love!


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