Another Autoptimize Experiment; Extra’s

So with that nice little page cache experiment concluded, I started working on something that will definitively be included in the next version of Autoptimize; Extra Auto-optimizations!

You can read all about it below or you can skip all of that and immediately download the zipfile of the “AO Extra power-up” from the Github repository.

The 3 features available now;

  • remove Emoji’s
  • remove (version parameter from the) query string (not that big a deal, from a load time perspective, but still)
  • the ability to have Autoptimize add the async attribute to the local or 3rd party JavaScript (local JS-files will be excluded automatically if added here).

There’s one extra feature that will very likely be added; optimize Google Fonts (because removing them is considered harsh, apparently).

Do download, do test and do let me know if anything is broken in the comments or via my contact form. And If you have other ideas for extra features, do let me know too!

16 thoughts on “Another Autoptimize Experiment; Extra’s

  1. Vibhi

    Yeah async is really cool and Im using Wp disable To Remove Emoji and Stop heartbeat it has Some wonderful feature

    Add async Js and also add support to css for 3 party that would be so Cool

    Add it in next Update

    1. frank Post author

      It’s the same principle as AO’s exclusions; you can enter jquery.js or js/jquery/jquery.js or js/jquery, and AO (extra) will match that (strpos) and (exclude and) async if it matches.

  2. Vibhi

    well I can See a Performance improvement In my Site on Page insights score and Gtmerix
    but Only thing i am concerned about is this
    that Usually I see cache generated by cache enabler keycdn something like that when cached Page has been served in page Source
    But when i use This plugin i didn’t see it
    I don’t know should i worried about it or not
    Am i getting a cached page or not

    1. vibhi

      wow every time i add Plyr.js In async It start creating problem

      Hi cache enabler issue is solved that issue is beacuse of plyr.js and lazy load plugin

      1. frank Post author

        OK, thanks for the feedback. “asyncing” a JS-file can indeed create problems, in my experience a file that can’t be autoptimized (so which is excluded from AO) in general often can’t be asynced either.

      2. vibhi

        ya Thanks for the info is there Anything i can do The problem is its Plyr.js being render blocking async does it work but create problem

        Is There any alternative to make Plyr.js non render blocking

    1. frank Post author

      Hmm, async CSS can be accomplished with “inline & defer CSS”, I don’t foresee extra functionality for CSS at this moment.


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