Autoptimize 2.3, the Happy New Year release

I just released Autoptimize 2.3.0, the Happy New Year release. As described here earlier it has some significant extra optimizations to help you improve your site’s performance even more for 2018:

  • new: optimize Google fonts with “combine & link” and “combine and load async” (with webload.js), intelligently preconnecting to Google’s domains to limit performance impact even further
  • new: Async JS, can be applied to local or 3rd party JS (if local it will be auto-excluded from autoptimization)
  • new: support to tell browsers to preconnect (= dns lookup + tcp/ip connection + ssl negotiation) to 3rd party domains (depends on browser support, works in Chrome & Firefox)
  • new: remove WordPress’ Core’s emoji CSS & JS
  • new: remove (version parameter from) Querystring
  • new: support to clear cache through WP CLI thanks to junaidbhura
  • lots of bugfixes and small improvements done by some seriously smart people via GitHub (thanks all!!), including a fix for AO 2.2 which saw the HTML minifier go PacMan on spaces in some circumstances.

Enjoy! :;-)

10 thoughts on “Autoptimize 2.3, the Happy New Year release

  1. Vibhi

    Is there any way to optimize jquery

    Can’t optimize it And loading asynchronous also show problem is there any way to optimize it

    1. frank Post author

      well, you could try ticking “also aggregate inline JS” and removing js/jquery/jquery.js from the JS optimization exclusion list. do take into account that aggregating inline JS can lead to cache size issues though!

      1. Vibhi

        already tried that but didn’t solve the problem although i didn’t see any huge cache issue it even much lower than before

        around 10 to 15 mb

        Although right now i start using jquery from google cdn

        is there anything i can do

      2. frank Post author

        If you’re using jQuery from Google CDN then removing it from AO’s exclusion list will not help I’m afraid, AO can only optimize local files.

    1. frank Post author

      if asyncing it breaks stuff, then no, there is no solution except removing (replacing) those plugins that require jQuery to be available early.

  2. menachem

    Being able to combine google fonts is a great feature. Is it possible to do the same thing for font-awesome. It seems like every plugin uses a different version of font awesome, and it would be nice to find a way to either only load the latest version or to combine all them as one.


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