please don’t share my data with Facebook

NoScript remains one of my favorite browser addons (or plugins or whatever they’re called these days). Look what it just proposed to block while browsing (one of the big online retailers in BE and NL);

So when does GDPR go in effect exactly and will I be able to opt-out of data-sharing from that moment onwards?

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  1. Hi
    Using lightbeam on firefox I see clearly that is the main hub. I doubt that many websites have a legal ground (or be able to find one) to share data with .

    • Well, esp. in Germany the GDPR interpretation is that strict that they’re all removing integrations with 3rd party systems like e.g. Google Fonts or YouTube or Google Analytics. And think that is not a bad approach to improve privacy indeed.

      • Frank
        I think the Germans are right. I don’t see a legal ground under the GDPR to use them, at least for 99% of all websites.
        I also read a lot of “new problems” that are actually already law from the early 90’s.


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