Autoptimize 2.4 beta 3 includes image optimization!

We’re finalizing work on Autoptimize 2.4 with beta-3, which was just released. There are misc. changes under the hood, but the main functional change is the inclusion of image optimization!

This feature uses Shortpixel’s smart image optimization proxy, where requests for images are routed through their URL and automagically optimized. As the image proxy is hosted on one of the best preforming CDN’s with truly global presence obviously using HTTP/2 for parallelized requests, as the parameters are not in a query-string but are part of the URL and as behind the scenes the same superb image optimization logic is used that can also be found in the existing Shortpixel plugin, you can expect great results from just ticking that “optimize image” checkbox on the “Extra” tab :-)

Image optimization will be completely free during the 2.4 Beta-period. After the official 2.4 release this will remain free up until a still to be defined threshold per domain, after which additional service can be purchased at Shortpixel’s.

If you’re already running AO 2.4 beta-2, you’ll be prompted to upgrade. And if you’d like to join the beta to test image optimization, you can download the zip-file here. The only thing I ask in return is feedback (bugs, praise, yay’s, meh’s, …)  ;-)


19 thoughts on “Autoptimize 2.4 beta 3 includes image optimization!

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  2. David

    Thanks for adding the image optimization! Really useful.

    There’s just one issue. The server does not return a cache validator and so the compressed images are causing PageSpeed to give a negative score.

    I’ve added this with more detail to GitHub.

  3. Alain

    Hi the use of Shortpixel (or any CDN) needs to be necessary if serving EU citizens (under the GDPR Art.5). I think that only a few % of wordpress sites could claim that.

    1. frank Post author

      Hence it is not active by default and the copy on the settings page links to the TOS & privacy page of shortpixel. they were working hard on GDPR compliancy, feel free to look into their privacy info! :)

  4. 249Smiles.Com

    …hello! it appears that your image Optimizer is doing something to images that are wider than 2000 pixels! as more 4K monitors come into the market, I don’t think this is a good idea. What it is doing is shrinking background images that are being used in a slider, therefore, taking the background to the foreground locations out of sync from the design intent. Other than that I see a few positive upgrades to the code. I have been able to shave about 200 to 300 ms from load speed by tweaking the new setting. AWESOME!

  5. Design Grande

    Your plugin is truly the best speed optimization plugin I have ever used. because I used all these craps w3 total, wp rocket.

    Now nginx with fastgci cache and your plugin. Load tested, 2,500+ concurrent users, 5 minutes loads time, 13% CPU usage and 418ms max response time and 3, just freaking 3 errors.

  6. Jared Williams

    I just recently started using Autoptimize and so far love it. I will send you constructive criticism as and if it arise, so far though this plugin is excellent.

  7. Jonny

    So now autoptimize will come with image optimizer but will we be able to control the settings of the image optimization feature?

    1. frank Post author

      In the current 2.4 beta implementation; only with a line of code against AO’s API (it defaults to glossy). Later: maybe in UI :)

  8. Rohini

    Great news, but I already use shortpixel plugin and autoptimize. So when the new update comes, should I disable the shortpixel plugin?

  9. Fawad

    Combine and preload in head option under Google fonts, will their be any work around to make it work for custom fonts.


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