3 thoughts on “Radar, I am (still) under you”

  1. Awesome, Frank. New user here.
    My site makes around 5 file requests now (and the page size is 24Kb). Autoptimize did a great job combining/minimizing HTML, JS, and CSS. Gonna write a blog post about this 🙂
    Thank you.

  2. I’m surpised to see AO outperforms mod_pagespeed (Apache). With inline/combine/rewrite js/css all enabled I had ~1.25s load times. With AO it was ~1s. I don’t know how you managed to outperform server-level optimizations, but good job.

  3. So a short numbers-update for December 2018:

    • 2.4.3 went well over 100K (105 944 to be exact)
    • the “active installations”-ticker went from 700K to 800K
    • total number of downloads crossed the 5 million mark

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