WP YouTube Lyte: 20K active installs and a new release

It took a lot of time for WP YouTube Lyte to get there, but we finally got to 20 000 active installs, and to celebrate that occasion I release a long overdue update (1.7.6), with the following improvements;

  • extra parameters for shortcode (start, showinfo, stepsize and hqthumb).
  • also turn youtube-nocookie.com iframes into LYTE’s as proposed by Maxim.
  • also remove cached thumbnails when clearing cache.
  • also set image in noscript tag to local hosted thumbnail if that option is active.

And in case you’re wonder, this how a LYTE video looks like;

Thom Yorke - Unmade (Live from Electric Lady Studios)

(Thom Yorke, Unmade from his Susperia soundtrack, live. I have been looking for something more upbeat in my YouTube favorites playlist, but this ultimately is what I want to share now. Sorry if.)

5 thoughts on “WP YouTube Lyte: 20K active installs and a new release”

  1. Hi there, could you explain why the microdata once enabled has polluted my search descriptions with all the nonsense people write in the descriptions of their youtube videos? Its actually replaced my google result descriptions! My rankings have all dropped, my traffic has vanished overnight.. What can I do about this? I thought people weren’t supposed to be able to see microdata?
    I hope you can offer some help or advice.

      • Thanks, I had no idea there was so much being pulled into my posts from having this enabled, some youtube descriptions are 1000s of words long and are jam packed with links!
        I noticed the number of pages on my site that were previously indexed for over a year have been de-indexed in the last couple of days, I suspect this was the culprit as they were last crawled a few days ago before I twigged there was an issue. The real kicker is I enabled the microdata option because I thought it would show google the video titles but upon disabling the microdata option I see it already does that with it disabled.. LOL
        I’ve manually requested indexing on all the pages that were removed & hopefully it’ll all go back to how it was in a few days!
        Thanks for your excellent plugin, I am using it on the majority of my site.


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