Autoptimize 2.5 almost ready, last call for testers!

Autoptimize 2.5 is almost ready! It features a new “Images”-tab to house all Image optimization options, including support for lazy-loading images and WebP (the only next-gen image format that really matters, no?);

So download the beta and test lazy-loading and WebP (and all of the other changes) and let me know of any issue you might find!

16 thoughts on “Autoptimize 2.5 almost ready, last call for testers!

  1. Ian

    Sounds Great. So I’ve been using Cache Enabler and W3TC for WebP from Optimus. Will the new WebP function make cache enabler redundant?

    Will the lazy loader work properly with mobile as the Wp Rocket one doesn’t seem to even with the new update. Would be great to get rid of two plugins!!

    1. frank Post author

      WebP support in AO is part of the image optimization option, which ties in with Shortpixel I’m afraid Ian. The good news though is that indeed you don’t need a caching plugin that “knows” of webp, as all is done client-side by integrating with the lazy-load solution which indeed should work flawlessly on mobile (you can always test this site to make sure).

      1. Ian Marshall Rance

        That was quick!
        So if I understand this properly, the WebP implementation is to create the files with Shortpixel – the same job I have Optimus doing at the moment which is working nicely for me.

        And your Good News Flash is that I don’t need Cache Enabler anymore to serve up those cached image pages and can just let W3TC do the job?

      2. frank Post author

        Ditching Cache Enabler will only work if you switch to AO’s image optimization, as the (JS-)code automagically switches between the WebP and non-WebP image URL on the Shortpixel CDN based on browser capability. Although if you’re into JavaScript it should not be difficult to apply the same principle on Optimus-optimized images :-)

    1. frank Post author

      That’s how lazyload as implemented by lazysizes (which AO’s is based on) is supposed to work Alona; before the onLoad event it loads visible resources, after onLoad it loads all other resources. as such it does load all images lazily, whereas other lazyload solutions might not load images at all when not in view.

  2. T4ng

    Just tested that 2.5 beta on a test env: works great for me!
    Indeed, your lazyload implementation happens to offer the best support encountered on my website among 4 other plugins options. Yours just seems to work on every pages and images, and in most cases, along with the picture attribute and webp support from Shortpixel… Out of the box!

    Hope it’s gonna be fine with CloudFront as well.


  3. Emilya Tal

    I’ve been testing out the beta and the lazy load functionality. I seem to have an issue with lazy load and W3 Total Cache, where some of the pictures are not being loaded.

    Has anyone else seen this? If not, let me know if you need specific information from me.


    the beta improves my PageSpeed Insights score, but causes my header logo to show both low res and high res versions. my theme allows for two copies to be served depending on screen res. enabling Lazy Load option causes both to show stacked, instead of one being hidden.


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