Easter bunny special: Autoptimize 2.5

Autoptimize 2.5 has been released earlier today (April 22nd).
Main focus of this release is more love for image optimization, now on a separate tab and including lazyload and WebP support.
Lots of other bugfixes and smaller improvements too off course, e.g. an option to disable the minification of excluded CSS/ JS (which 2.4 did by default).
No Easter eggs in there though 🙂

7 thoughts on “Easter bunny special: Autoptimize 2.5”

  1. Hi, thanks for your awesome plugin! Would be great if you allow more customization on image optimization…. I doesnt need the image optimization because Im using shortpixel plugin and also your implementation uses a lot of shortpixel credits, but I would apreciate to try the shortpixel CDN and the webp feature.

    • Afraid the “accounting” of the Shortpixel implementation is not something I’m involved in Jorge, maybe ask Shortpixel why so many credits seem to be used?

      • Dear Frank, I suposse the credit problem is our site has a lot of pages with a lot of images…. so the original shortpixel plugin optimizes images and then they are on our system forever, instead of this autoptimize has to optimize all those images again and uses thousands of credits for images yet optimized by the shortpixel plugin.
        But shortpixel AI plugin doesnt work for me, so would be great to have CDN and WEBP without duplicate image optimization…
        Makes sense or this is not possible?

        • not possible I’m afraid, as the shortpixel CDN is an integral part of the image optimization; it’s where the images get optimized. same for webp; it’s the shortpixel CDN that does the conversion to webp.


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